2014/06/19 16:33
Changes introduced 

1) abolished the obligation to invest in order to cash

2) abolished the possibility of being able to upgrade for free

3) abolished the possibility of transferring the balance of the account balance to purchase balance

4) no minimum payment for all

5) reduce the costs of collection, abolished the fixed, left alone in the percentage of 50% of the request

6) set up collection for all members except Life Members

7) reduced the cost for the upgrade that will only be annual for all

8) for all recessed each 8 days
2013/10/21 09:51
1) the payments are made ​​at the latest within 24 hours of the request.
2) If you did not put the evidence of earlier payments under PROOF, your request is denied,
3) in order to cash you need to add funds through PayPal, Payza, etc..
4) Always read the email, news and bloog that are published.
5) not to violate the rules of conduct, you may be banned
Thanks for your cooperation.

2013/01/18 16:22
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